Why should I take a CPR class?

80 percent of cardiac arrests occur while the patient is at home. This means that you are more likely to use your CPR skills to help someone close to you than assisting a stranger. We cannot control everything that happens to our loved ones, but we can do everything possible to be ready to help in case an emergency occurs.

Why do I have to take a class for a renewal?

As part of AHA protocol, BLS and CPR AED certification is valid for two years. Every two years, you will need to renew your BLS certification to remain actively certified. Renewal classes allow you to be updated on new protocols, practice skills of resuscitation so you are ready in time of a crisis.

You have previously learned so you can be prepared in a time of crisis.

Am I allowed to bring friends and family along to watch?
We don’t allow family members or friends to be onlookers during training. This is our currently policy as well as part of our COVID protocol.
Do you offer private classes?
Private Classes are offered. Please contact us via email (cprtraining@hleben.com) or phone (617-412-4085) for more information.
How long after I complete my class do I get my card?
The typical turnaround time for digital cards are 2-3 days after completion of class.
What is your cancellation/refund policy?
Classes can be rescheduled with a 2-day notice. Classes cancelled within 5 days will be offered a full refund.
Do you provide any reference material in the class?
All AHA books, booklets and reference cards are provided as part of training.
Do I have to pay for my books?
No. Books are included as part of the training fee.
Do you take payment from employers?
Yes, we welcome employers who would like to have their staff trained either individually or as a group.
Do you offer group courses?
Yes, group courses are offered. Please contact us for pricing information.
How many locations do you have?
We currently have one location, 500 North Main St. Unit D Suite #204, Randolph Ma. However, if you are unable to come to us, we can come to you.
What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Credit Card, Cash App and Check. If you are paying with cash or check please contact us for more details.

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